Tianna is a Brooklyn, New York-based cellist, sound and transmission artist, curator, events coordinator, adjunct professor, writer, and the NYC Program Director of free103point9, a non-profit transmission arts organization. Tianna churns out events like an event-churning machine with the help of fellow activists, artists, and friendly art organizations and is herself an active artist and cellist performing and showing locally and internationally. Kennedy co-founded the August Sound Coalition in 2004 and the Empty Vessel Project in 2005.  Kennedy designed and taught “Radio Culture” and “Sight, Sound, and Motion” at Brooklyn College and has a MA in Performance Studies from NYU.

Listen to this interview with Tianna Kennedy in Conflux 2008 Podcast #5.


Jessica is a new media artist whose practice encompasses sound, performance and mobile technologies. Her projects enable audience members to create user-defined spaces and situations within urban environments. Her studio practice involves the creation of sound projects that explore social interactions within public space. She is interested in using elements of game-playing and performance to create collaborative situations with the audience where the integrity of the artwork is entirely determined by willing participants.

Listen to this interview with Jessica Thompson in Conflux 2008 Podcast #4.

Brian is an artist, programmer, and conceptual bricoleur investigating computational narrative, urban media arts, and the application of new technology to social change. He recently designed and co-taught a course at Columbia’s GSAPP. Additionally, he is a member of Knifeandfork, an art group that combines nonlinear narrative, embodiment, and technology in site-specific installations, and whose recent work includes The Wrench. Brian is showing a new work, Today is OK, at Conflux.

Listen to this interview with Brian House in Conflux 2008 Podcast #3.

Odin is a New York based artist and designer who dabbles in a variety of disciplines, most of which share common threads of whimsy and fantasy. Though often found with his head in the clouds Odin sometimes exists in the real world where he designs various projects including alternative tours, media installations, stereo photography as well as various products, tools, and gadgets.

Listen to this interview with Odin Cappello in Conflux 2008 Podcast #2.

Chen is an independent curator and at Flux Factory, a not for profit arts organization “supporting innovation in things”, and in this podcast talks about how psychogeography and Conflux represent the boundlessness of modern day artistic expression.

Listen to this interview with Chen Tamir in Conflux 2008 Podcast #1.